The Fall

            The fall was “said” to admit useless need to circumvent the inner problem that is life. 

Life itself –  your idiosyncratic view of life in relation to my hologramic experience of our shared reality – it’s a tacit agreement that 

  1. I shall be emotionally bolstered by the inevitability of death – 
  2. So that I can endure the rape and pillage of all things good by a coagulation of greed and ill-advised pride, built on willfully ignorant lies we grow up on like strict 9. 
  3. I am forced to accept a box of God that conforms Hitherto 
  4. with the help of culture,  society, the margins of history, shackles of geography, we continue, but knowingly, with the positive reinforcement of free will: the existential choice to stay in  prison because it’s better than what’s out there, the cholera, the Floods, the war never-ending, tasked with
  5. The uphill Sisyphean “battle” 
  6. essentially, 
  7. With a rock.


You’re your own worst enemy 

Bringing me down for years 

The one with the least to complain about 

Craftmade crazy maker – fueling the fire 

Building a pyre 

You are exhausting, Henry.

Henry pouted.

He wasn’t exactly Woody Allen, who just wasn’t the same after husbands and wives 

      The fall was said to take about ten seconds. It would vary according to the body position and how long it took to reach terminal velocity — around 125mph in most cases, but if someone fell head down with their body straight, as if in a dive, it could be 200mph…



He stood on the edge

looking down


into the badlands

and thought,

So this is how we got here.


Cue music



Left to right, car passes, lighting progresses to show passage of time



We flash forward (from the present day nightmare which includes fallacy every day)

THE GRAPHICALLY REALIZED confines of your gov’t-provided cell-cubicle-tiny ‘room’, you see the screen where ‘big brother’ infiltrates as a peaceful meditative water drop on a stone, while you do your calisthenics…


that doesn’t have to make sense

this is actually happening

your head hurts

but don’t worry

it’ll all be over soon



img_8362-1Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 6.08.05 PM


IT may be quite simple

but now that it’s done


I hope you don’t mind

that I put down

in words

how wonderful life



you’re in the world

The parallax view

This was supposed to be a scene 

This was something of a scene 

 But what’s to be done if the sole and express purpose of every intelligent man is babble – that is, a deliberate pouring from empty into void? 

Fyodor Dostoevsky (Notes From Underground) (via trashingdays)

“I, as a matter of fact, take my stand here neither with suffering nor with well-being.” Dostoevsky 

Darkness visited

Same as it ever was 

On the advent of your day in court 

What do you say when the officers of the law lie? 

When did it become so blatant? 

Culminating with a Netflix and chill moment where a man gets away with killing his estranged wife because of racist cops. She said it would come to this 

And here we are 
Nine months later 
Waiting for more lies to be told 

To overcome before death 

A tall order now 

Due to yes who to report