The parallax view

This was supposed to be a scene 

This was something of a scene 

 But what’s to be done if the sole and express purpose of every intelligent man is babble – that is, a deliberate pouring from empty into void? 

Fyodor Dostoevsky (Notes From Underground) (via trashingdays)

“I, as a matter of fact, take my stand here neither with suffering nor with well-being.” Dostoevsky 

Darkness visited

Same as it ever was 

On the advent of your day in court 

What do you say when the officers of the law lie? 

When did it become so blatant? 

Culminating with a Netflix and chill moment where a man gets away with killing his estranged wife because of racist cops. She said it would come to this 

And here we are 
Nine months later 
Waiting for more lies to be told 

To overcome before death 

A tall order now 

Due to yes who to report 

Number 35 previous remorse blank stare of grief 


Loss and recovery is a deep theme in psychoanalysis, where the child separating from its mother can be a traumatic experience. Splitting is also relevant, where we separate out good and bad objects.

The Seeker

The One Found

“The Seeker looks for and finds the One Found.”

Although this is a relatively short description, recovery is a common theme. In life, people go missing most often through voluntary means, leaving of their own accord. ‘Lost’, here, often means that the seeker has lost the person who is missing, as the missing person may be quite happy. It also happens that the missing person is themselves lost, such as a child who is separated from its mother or adventurers lost in the wilderness.

Stories do cover voluntary loss, but make use of the more involuntary situation of capture and kidnap, where a person is taken against their will and usually against the law. Such situations make for classic conflict with the abductors, rescue and escape.

Loss and recovery is a deep theme in psychoanalysis, where the child separating from its mother can be a traumatic experience. Splitting is also relevant, where we separate out good and bad objects.

‘Recovery of a lost one’ is the 35th of Georges Polti’s 36 Dramatic Situations

36 dead kin slain 

35 recovered weird 

34 remorse ggrrrreat 

Things fall apart 

You ain’t got a chance

You’re not alone inside 

Still you can’t quite shake it

the strange feeling of 

wanting more 

more pain

more suffering 

more destruction 

more counterproductive measures 

by not-quite humanoid 

nor hominid Humana 

pharmaceutical or quintessential 

something in the water?

singing that song 

Things fall apart 

Could be Johannesburg

Today it’s Joseph Conrad 

calling it with 

the uprising in the 


overwhelming 18,000 from 

fractured nations

while on the radio 

Aretha belts out

you got your soul intact
You got the future, 

don’t you know it’s a fact?

(Young, gifted, and black…)

Your heart is all I need 

like a lullaby 

it follows me

through the faces 

desperation next

comes anger 

in numbers 

One more man in power

overstays his welcome 

People rise up

have to kill 

Or be killed X 

Marks the spot

All the Kings horses and 

All the Kings men 

Couldn’t put 

You -or me – together again 
Why anyone thought it was over is the real question? The greatest generation ruined it for any to follow so we have Russian roulette with threats and subterfuge, blatant lies masquerading as honest injun and the truth obfuscated by vitriol from our collective bile.

Nixon has that much figured out. Now, back to The Congo in strife, says the anchor person smiling, exhibiting a complete and utter dirth of emotional intelligence. 

This is what evolves from growing up on black and white images of helicopters and monks on fire and then a CIA brigadeer General arms dealing with cocaine money and cops selling the coke they confiscate at a bigger profit and the cartel setting up shop while the big man in the big hair gland hands the people, tells them what they want to hear, he oughta know he’s an actor, our mad man of the hour, a reality television Truman show circus unveils before your eyes recruiting your cheerleaders to the hunger games and your team captains into riot gear right away before the natives get restless.
Aretha on he radio coos

Hey baby lets get away lets go somewhwre 

A Declaration of Sentiments

It was 1919 all over again.
Except it was 1972
 then 1977, then,
203 years
of convincing





An alternative strategy for ERA ratification has arisen from the “Madison Amendment,” concerning changes in Congressional pay, which was passed by Congress in 1789 and finally ratified in 1992 as the 27th Amendment to the Constitution.

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