cacotopia,[1]kakotopia, or simply anti-utopia) They wanted to be seen and heard. But now more importantly, they needed someone they could trust. l trust Is there a chemical in our brains that makes us trust others? And what determines when this does – or doesn’t – happen? Decades of research into the neuroscience of trust have answeredContinue reading “Surge”

It’s fatal to equivocate

Sgt Radisson, Genevieve’s one and only Saudi Arabian expert, was on the move, in June, last seen off route 7 with Lou Lewis, brother of Lewellyn “L.E.” Lewis Carter, the matriarch in charge of wayward manor where people in danger recovered, returned to “society” as living treasures. *any legacy largely ignored Intended scope of theContinue reading “It’s fatal to equivocate”

Number 35 previous remorse blank stare of grief 

Elements Loss and recovery is a deep theme in psychoanalysis, where the child separating from its mother can be a traumatic experience. Splitting is also relevant, where we separate out good and bad objects. The Seeker The One Found “The Seeker looks for and finds the One Found.” Although this is a relatively short description,Continue reading “Number 35 previous remorse blank stare of grief “

Things fall apart 

You ain’t got a chance You’re not alone inside  Still you can’t quite shake it the strange feeling of  wanting more  more pain more suffering  more destruction  more counterproductive measures  by not-quite humanoid  nor hominid Humana  pharmaceutical or quintessential  something in the water? singing that song  Things fall apart  Could be Johannesburg Today it’s JosephContinue reading “Things fall apart “

A Declaration of Sentiments

It was 1919 all over again. Except it was 1972  then 1977, then, the 203 years of convincing         An alternative strategy for ERA ratification has arisen from the “Madison Amendment,” concerning changes in Congressional pay, which was passed by Congress in 1789 and finally ratified in 1992 as the 27th AmendmentContinue reading “A Declaration of Sentiments”