History is a cruel intention

History repeats itself, cruelty with intention is not capable of mercy therefore the only outcome is mutually assured destruction. “punishment is removal and censure.” The rich got 13 percent but remember that there were not that many to begin with in 2010, fewer than 150 million people or only 2 percent of the global population.Continue reading “History is a cruel intention”

Hostage to Time

I’m in overload, having to maintain self-control, lacking self-confidence, afraid and fearful, having nowhere to turn, fringe dweller, feeling burned, the body aches make this eleventh hour, a despair all its own. No, opposites don’t attract, that’s the exception not the rule, like extradition and synchronization, implication, a supposition, dereliction ad infinitum. You only revealContinue reading “Hostage to Time”

The Horse had a name

He was told by a reliable source that this was about a rather large industrial sized fan they used to circulate the air in their rehearsal space. The fan was out of balance, and would vibrate, and “crawl” across the floor. They called it Big Bertha… Picking up 95S, stubborn, southern, sultry, heading for anContinue reading “The Horse had a name”

The Abandoned, Apocalyptic Architecture of One Bold 1970s Retail Chain | Atlas Obscura

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Best Products is having a sale. — Read on http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/best-superstores-architecture.amp

Idiots Rule

    The argument below is simply stupid. As is the fact that I lost three brilliant paragraphs of analysis – and I haven’t even smoked weed. So there you go. Enjoy. Potheads, Please Stop Promoting Pot A silly, misinformed article by someone who probably has a guilty pleasure he thinks is better. Research andContinue reading “Idiots Rule”