The driving force behind this concept is to create both virtual and physical space for human beings to engage true creative freedom.


The conception of this vision was originally a response to the need of individual producers looking to pitch their projects to networks and clients in search of fresh, original programming.

How it has evolved

I began developing this notion seven years ago as a way to provide true collaboration within my industry. I knew how to bring the right talent together and shepherd the best quality work to completion.

It was also driven by my personal experience with the financial rollercoaster endured by freelance creative professionals. Sites like LinkedIn and now the plethora of “gig” placement apps from fiverr to upwork never resulted in any real world opportunities for me despite taking too much of my time learning each platform then applying to companies who never got back to me. This isn’t simply because I lacked the skills (in fact, throughout my career, I’ve morphed in ways that no keywords or transferable skills can begin to describe, and delivered time and time again) or work experience. It has more to do with the fact that, as a true creative innovator, I don’t speak the language of conformity needed to secure the position. I am simply outside the jurisdiction of keywords.

As our existence becomes increasingly controlled by “artificial intelligence” directing a “quantum workforce,” the artform of being human will be subsumed by the very forces that many artists, philosophers, theologians and a few scientists (see Nikola Tesla) have warned us about.

Current status

As of today, August 12, 2020, I have suffered exponential financial hardship (sure, a good portion of it is my “fault” – I’m not claiming a victim role here, just stating reality) so I’ve lost access to domains I was developing on my own.

I am not prepared yet to design a “business model” or donation page because I am afflicted with a moral code that does not allow my conscience to do so until I feel ready to deliver what I say on a consistent basis.

This is a catch-22 of epic proportions as I am literally struggling to survive. The bureaucracy (a state franchise board which cannot be worked with, “glitches” in the system, and inability to recover from repeated economic devastation – not always my fault entirely) is proving to be crushing. There are many days now that I just want to die.

I say this as a record of my truth. I have come to realize that for now, as I am no one’s bitch, that I am one of the few who can actually speak the truth.

Take that as you will. My aim here in my remaining years (if I am so lucky with a pandemic raging across my homeland) is to not only seek the truth but teach it. I am driven by this based on the revelations of many years from many sources.

This is not political. I despise both political parties and am a committed (to a fault) citizen to what is fast becoming (if not already too late) the most tragic failed state in modern history.

I only ask that if any of this resonates with you to consider checking back. The smallest encouragements have kept me going this far.

My pledge to you is to seek and spread the truth, as painful as it may be, about both sides of the aisle. I want nothing more than human health and freedom. I hate corruption, oppression and brutality with all my being. Just think how much the human race could accomplish with the time we have left on this planet if our energies were not constantly diverted to struggling to survive, being coopted by whichever “conspiracy theory” you choose (money is behind them all except the alien overlords – they want something else that is tangible and holds value, but I can only conjecture what that might be) and attempting to sort out the lies we’ve been bludgeoned with for generations from a collective truth we can act upon.

I don’t want to be driven off a cliff by the spooks or censored by the illuminati nor am I seeking Soros funding or Cato Institute blessing.

I am in a unique position as a woman with no allegiance to family (being adopted and childless) and no power. As I mentioned, I have no resources right now and spend entire days now scrambling to pay a bill. (Lately I was able to keep this phone going thanks to bitcoin I bought over a year ago, so I am, if nothing else, resourceful).

My future plan is to stay alive.