Keeping the shadow at bay

This last Apotropaic rite offered by way of the destroyer of illusions Who was here last night the zero Carbon hero of one thousand faces The ego snarled the shadow slithered off one and onto another required by fate an amalgam of self autonomy and collective force Phobius shocks Dinos awe creating a monster named … Continue reading Keeping the shadow at bay


Elongated Heads

It's been a long time since I actually wrote on a daily basis. SO much has changed in the world over the past 2 years that it seems to be happening all at once at an accelerated pace. "It" being or so-called 'shared reality' which, apparently, is actually anything but 'reality.' no spoken language - … Continue reading Elongated Heads

Mistakes were made

I’m living proof of the fact that a human being can thrive after falling from grace. Now that term implies a misstep of moral failing but in my case, it was the byproduct of an effect that was imposed upon my being at a young age and for years, then buried in the subconscious yet … Continue reading Mistakes were made

Cosmos 1975

It was a circuitous route but we got there. The question of time travel remains, the mothers play mahjong and bake bread respectively in their segregated assemblies though underground trading among all humankind is what has kept humans alive, way past our expiration date. But that is not this story. As much as Theo wanted … Continue reading Cosmos 1975

Brave New World

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen... It's a cool April morning and we have yet to awaken from this common nightmare, set to put the cat amidst the pigeons. And if things weren't bad enough, mere moments ago, a notification declared non-essential errands must come to an end. … Continue reading Brave New World

Misinformation Nation

"We’ve never had a political leader say stuff like this . . . At the same time, what we can’t do is just have media messages that focus on his words and not address practical things that people can do,” she said. Transmuted Her forthcoming book, Constructing the Outbreak, reveals how news reporting on epidemics … Continue reading Misinformation Nation