There are things people don’t realize in today’s Orwellian dystopia. When thrills are not only bought but niche markets. What? She sighed literary theory, ‘representation‘ is defined as to look like or resemble, stand in for something or someone Or to present a second time; to re-present. A comeback. A greatness reassembled, as the spiritualContinue reading “1962-1971”


Delilah was getting tired. She’d been holding court for 79 days, regaling all the youngsters who were devoted to her tales. Unlike the likes of Joyce Carol and Aaron Sortof, she gave it away for free. The “it” being her extensive yet disconnected knowledge of everything from hawks to cameras, Greek mythology to stock marketContinue reading “Elderscape”

Hostage to Time

I’m in overload, having to maintain self-control, lacking self-confidence, afraid and fearful, having nowhere to turn, fringe dweller, feeling burned, the body aches make this eleventh hour, a despair all its own. No, opposites don’t attract, that’s the exception not the rule, like extradition and synchronization, implication, a supposition, dereliction ad infinitum. You only revealContinue reading “Hostage to Time”