time-withered famine

Time! Has taken its toll on you The lines that crack your faceFamine! Your body, it has torn throughWithered in every place Pestilence! For what you've had to endurewhat you've put others through Death! Deliverance for you for sure Pestilence and Plague Now there's nothing you can do F$&K them

The Horse had a name

He was told by a reliable source that this was about a rather large industrial sized fan they used to circulate the air in their rehearsal space. The fan was out of balance, and would vibrate, and "crawl" across the floor. They called it Big Bertha... Picking up 95S, stubborn, southern, sultry, heading for an … Continue reading The Horse had a name

Broca’s Place

A sideline no 2s Where we get audience members to send DNA or crypto tokens representing their DNA as part of the Risk bored (millennial marketing algorithms bi-monthly) games traversing Europa, Eurasia, The Gulag & West Bank. Orwellian continents now called economic zones. Everyone is now a registered commodity in relation to a thing of … Continue reading Broca’s Place

15 minutes

Fame, the moment? A pendulum swing   in an empty room. . Thieving bastards . he says, she thinks, brushing the past. off her skirt.  Recomposing the functionality of time    The Fourier transform - a function derived from another function -- decomposes a function of time (a signal) into the frequencies that make it up, … Continue reading 15 minutes