Bohemian Dives

In a trash city Roughly 1 million dollars in cash and jewelry were found in cardboard boxes, trunks and Cracker Jack boxes, and $500,000 was found in an oilskin bag that Ida hid under her skirt. An Ephemeral New York "Ida dies 5 months after her 'discovery' in 1932," age 93. The Mudd Club mythology … Continue reading Bohemian Dives


cacotopia,[1]kakotopia, or simply anti-utopia) They wanted to be seen and heard. But now more importantly, they needed someone they could trust. l trust Is there a chemical in our brains that makes us trust others? And what determines when this does – or doesn’t – happen? Decades of research into the neuroscience of trust have answered … Continue reading Surge

It’s fatal to equivocate

Sgt Radisson, Genevieve's one and only Saudi Arabian expert, was on the move, in June, last seen off route 7 with Lou Lewis, brother of Lewellyn "L.E." Lewis Carter, the matriarch in charge of wayward manor where people in danger recovered, returned to "society" as living treasures. *any legacy largely ignored Intended scope of the … Continue reading It’s fatal to equivocate

time-withered famine

Time! Has taken its toll on you The lines that crack your faceFamine! Your body, it has torn throughWithered in every place Pestilence! For what you've had to endurewhat you've put others through Death! Deliverance for you for sure Pestilence and Plague Now there's nothing you can do F$&K them

The Horse had a name

He was told by a reliable source that this was about a rather large industrial sized fan they used to circulate the air in their rehearsal space. The fan was out of balance, and would vibrate, and "crawl" across the floor. They called it Big Bertha... Picking up 95S, stubborn, southern, sultry, heading for an … Continue reading The Horse had a name