Bohemian Dives

In a trash city Roughly 1 million dollars in cash and jewelry were found in cardboard boxes, trunks and Cracker Jack boxes, and $500,000 was found in an oilskin bag that Ida hid under her skirt. An Ephemeral New York “Ida dies 5 months after her ‘discovery’ in 1932,” age 93. The Mudd Club mythologyContinue reading “Bohemian Dives”

The Horse had a name

He was told by a reliable source that this was about a rather large industrial sized fan they used to circulate the air in their rehearsal space. The fan was out of balance, and would vibrate, and “crawl” across the floor. They called it Big Bertha… Picking up 95S, stubborn, southern, sultry, heading for anContinue reading “The Horse had a name”

Free markets are not free

There was a sign that read “out of gas” at the local esso station down route six. The ne’erdowells and accolade-givers alike gathered round to hear their tribal leaders speak, from pulpits to podiums across this great land. Manifest destiny took on a whole new after-effect as Antonio got up to speak. The roar ofContinue reading “Free markets are not free”

The good ole Days

have left the building. The American Dream just overdosed. “Part of this disquiet has to do with the market system’s inability to continue delivering a steadily rising standard of living to the average household, as it had for the previous half century. In the 15-year period from 1953 to 1968, the inflation-adjusted income of theContinue reading “The good ole Days”

…and all thru my coffee break time

forever  together to live without you would only  mean heartbreak for me   answer my prayer say you love me too   1970 on this day the number one song was telling – War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Absolutely NothingContinue reading “…and all thru my coffee break time”

A Declaration of Sentiments

It was 1919 all over again. Except it was 1972  then 1977, then, the 203 years of convincing         An alternative strategy for ERA ratification has arisen from the “Madison Amendment,” concerning changes in Congressional pay, which was passed by Congress in 1789 and finally ratified in 1992 as the 27th AmendmentContinue reading “A Declaration of Sentiments”