Mistakes were made

I’m living proof of the fact that a human being can thrive after falling from grace. Now that term implies a misstep of moral failing but in my case, it was the byproduct of an effect that was imposed upon my being at a young age and for years, then buried in the subconscious yet … Continue reading Mistakes were made



There are things people don't realize in today's Orwellian dystopia. When thrills are not only bought but niche markets. What? She sighed literary theory, 'representation' is defined as to look like or resemble, stand in for something or someone Or to present a second time; to re-present. A comeback. A greatness reassembled, as the spiritual … Continue reading 1962-1971

Brave New World

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen... It's a cool April morning and we have yet to awaken from this common nightmare, set to put the cat amidst the pigeons. And if things weren't bad enough, mere moments ago, a notification declared non-essential errands must come to an end. … Continue reading Brave New World


Delilah was getting tired. She'd been holding court for 79 days, regaling all the youngsters who were devoted to her tales. Unlike the likes of Joyce Carol and Aaron Sortof, she gave it away for free. The "it" being her extensive yet disconnected knowledge of everything from hawks to cameras, Greek mythology to stock market … Continue reading Elderscape


cacotopia,[1]kakotopia, or simply anti-utopia) They wanted to be seen and heard. But now more importantly, they needed someone they could trust. l trust Is there a chemical in our brains that makes us trust others? And what determines when this does – or doesn’t – happen? Decades of research into the neuroscience of trust have answered … Continue reading Surge

History is a cruel intention

History repeats itself, cruelty with intention is not capable of mercy therefore the only outcome is mutually assured destruction. "punishment is removal and censure." criminal prosecution can jeopardize life, liberty, fortune, and more The rich got 13 percent but remember that there were not that many to begin with in 2010, fewer than 150 million … Continue reading History is a cruel intention

Broca’s Place

A sideline no 2s Where we get audience members to send DNA or crypto tokens representing their DNA as part of the Risk bored (millennial marketing algorithms bi-monthly) games traversing Europa, Eurasia, The Gulag & West Bank. Orwellian continents now called economic zones. Everyone is now a registered commodity in relation to a thing of … Continue reading Broca’s Place

The good ole Days

have left the building. The American Dream just overdosed. “Part of this disquiet has to do with the market system’s inability to continue delivering a steadily rising standard of living to the average household, as it had for the previous half century. In the 15-year period from 1953 to 1968, the inflation-adjusted income of the … Continue reading The good ole Days

Everybody Knows

She's a femme fatale  MUSIC PRE-Lap  She's just a little tease  She's a femme fatale Music review for a NYC underground journal. Not yet post-Columbia, but pre-Berkeley, he took the winterland beat💭    It started with a second-rate assignment for a questionable rag. Dinosaurs encased in tar Fossil fuels the freeway  till the pits Pull … Continue reading Everybody Knows