IMGP1913 Originally uploaded by Pano 57 I took a skills-aptitude test, can’t remember the name, as part of a career goal seminar back when I was 25 and the two things I was supposed to be were: architect and model maker. I also had the attributes of an army officer.

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practicing the nana-story

the micro-bite-size, put in your pocket and save it for later so small it can be lost easily size. the no bullshit, be succinct, get to your point, yet be poetic, the lyrical, free verse, wtf kind, not the forced pentameters we had to learn like knowing how to draw illustratively before you can abstract […]

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The days of inspiration

Always leading up to the holidays, I feel a spark, although somewhat dulled the older I get, of the promise of this time of year. And so, from a motivational speaker I just discovered, eponymously, him not me, Jim Rohn, some thoughts to keep in mind because I want this page to update by date […]

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Balancing Act

‘4Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.’ from The Bible somewhere near where JC tells us not to worry about good, god will provide like he does for the birds — it’s faith that’s the harder […]

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L.A. Woman

I first heard Tool on the paradise island, the double base on “Opiate” and Maynard’s actual earnest plea to God, I get it, it’s perfect…he’s healed now but the talent ‘you are broken now but faith can heal you’ but the clincher line ‘just do everything I tell you to…’ like the girl who said, […]

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