Cosmos 1975

It was a circuitous route but we got there. The question of time travel remains, the mothers play mahjong and bake bread respectively in their segregated assemblies though underground trading among all humankind is what has kept humans alive, way past our expiration date. But that is not this story. As much as Theo wanted … Continue reading Cosmos 1975

These times

claim your legacy, A hierarchy, what you are allowed to do in 75 median years. mother falls into the 'silent' generation category a square peg in a round hole She does not suffer fools well, Slightly quixotic and smarter than ever given credit for The better half, a twin.   A father to shed the skin … Continue reading These times

Brave New World

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen... It's a cool April morning and we have yet to awaken from this common nightmare, set to put the cat amidst the pigeons. And if things weren't bad enough, mere moments ago, a notification declared non-essential errands must come to an end. … Continue reading Brave New World

Misinformation Nation

"We’ve never had a political leader say stuff like this . . . At the same time, what we can’t do is just have media messages that focus on his words and not address practical things that people can do,” she said. Transmuted Her forthcoming book, Constructing the Outbreak, reveals how news reporting on epidemics … Continue reading Misinformation Nation


Delilah was getting tired. She'd been holding court for 79 days, regaling all the youngsters who were devoted to her tales. Unlike the likes of Joyce Carol and Aaron Sortof, she gave it away for free. The "it" being her extensive yet disconnected knowledge of everything from hawks to cameras, Greek mythology to stock market … Continue reading Elderscape


cacotopia,[1]kakotopia, or simply anti-utopia) They wanted to be seen and heard. But now more importantly, they needed someone they could trust. l trust Is there a chemical in our brains that makes us trust others? And what determines when this does – or doesn’t – happen? Decades of research into the neuroscience of trust have answered … Continue reading Surge

History is a cruel intention

History repeats itself, cruelty with intention is not capable of mercy therefore the only outcome is mutually assured destruction. "punishment is removal and censure." criminal prosecution can jeopardize life, liberty, fortune, and more The rich got 13 percent but remember that there were not that many to begin with in 2010, fewer than 150 million … Continue reading History is a cruel intention

Hostage to Time

I'm in overload, having to maintain self-control, lacking self-confidence, afraid and fearful, having nowhere to turn, fringe dweller, feeling burned, the body aches make this eleventh hour, a despair all its own. No, opposites don't attract, that's the exception not the rule, like extradition and synchronization, implication, a supposition, dereliction ad infinitum. You only reveal … Continue reading Hostage to Time

It’s fatal to equivocate

Sgt Radisson, Genevieve's one and only Saudi Arabian expert, was on the move, in June, last seen off route 7 with Lou Lewis, brother of Lewellyn "L.E." Lewis Carter, the matriarch in charge of wayward manor where people in danger recovered, returned to "society" as living treasures. *any legacy largely ignored Intended scope of the … Continue reading It’s fatal to equivocate