Misinformation Nation

We’ve never had a political leader say stuff like this . . . At the same time, what we can’t do is just have media messages that focus on his words and not address practical things that people can do,” she said.


Her forthcoming book, Constructing the Outbreak, reveals how news reporting on epidemics communicates much more than information about pathogens—rather, prejudices, political agendas, religious beliefs, and theories of disease also shape the messages coming into Americans’ homes.

Mob rule sits six feet away convinced that a masked, flagitious force of nature must be man-made weaponry because he cannot imagine anything pursued outside of man.

Specifically one man, knowledgeable in the ways of narcisstic self -pity, whines each time the subject comes up, kvetching about the inevitable 80 per cent, asserting the definitive probability that he will be sure to die because he’s in the 80% who are doomed.

OH yes this virus is after him as he leans in to intake one more toxic form, setting forth to abort mission, turning the latest global catastrophe into an epic disaster of one, the tragedy of himself.

Of course the Alexa reveal has been deleted. According to the Gregorian Rubblemaster rabble rouser, everything is further evidence of a great big master plan set up years ago when dinosaurs flattened the curvature of the earth.

It’s impossible to argue with the sinister demagogue diel

preposterous notions at the top of the heap say so

simply because there’s no place else to go.

Sanskrit Samaritan

The first stage — The Ordinary World — happens to be one of the most essential elements of storytelling.

Bullish about

expectations of an Ordinary World

Covert Corona sifting thru the rubble of how people choose to reveal their present threats to your existence.

Packed like sardines

complacent in their element

accustomed to living

The hero


takes a

journey off the rails

Being saved from the Vikings by the thistles is definitely a good enough reason to make it a national emblem.

Laughter, joy, and loneliness and
And look at me, I’m in tatters

Pride and joy and greed and sex, that’s what makes our town the best

An Ordinary World’s Butjadingen Wesermarsch

brief window of time
ordinarily, thick and threefold moving away

Bubble charts

All scripts are essentially math. Brilliant scripts are string theory.

“Luke Skywalker living on a moisture farm. Sarah Connor working as a waitress.
Neo living life as Thomas Anderson — a computer programmer and hacker..”

Evening the odds

calling forth from within

All-encompassing wins

floating, then gliding as cover

Moors, tethered tight Theo’s mother climbed the stairs of entanglement, a ring obscured – each time the dream stopped here.

Dream Time

The days slowed time.

The nights were set in limbo not explained by Dante or shown in light of day —

an evil shadow-spirit slipped in through the “door” Ged had opened between the living world and the dead.* This evil power hunted Ged until he was able to name the shadow and thus understand it was a dark part of himself—his materialised evil.

Ladonna, Rosalind, Charmaine the mothers of Ffion Owen’s daughters.

Ged recovered the second half of the broken ring of Erreth-Akbe

subsequently a peace was reached, giving rise to some trade and commerce between the peoples.
Soquel Squelch

Yusuf ben-Tachfin counted 30,414

6,160 miles of coastline and 790 surrounding islands

an evil shadow-spirit slipped in through the “door” Ged had opened between the living world and the dead.

Carved by glaciation, tectonic plates crashing into each other beneath the fragile face of earth’s crust, the future was joining together 6,160 miles of coastline.

This made an epic journey from way down near the equator to the South Pole, and then north to its present location.


The last main glaciers wiped out any humans living here, with post glacial hunter/gatherers entering the stage around 12,800 years ago.

Ling heather (Calluna vulgaris) is the source of highly prized honey

This honey was used in a secret ceremony pronounced by the wailing packs encroaching on the tarmac

On Yurt Side

Serious Business overflow The Infinite Game presided

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