Means, motive, and opportunity

  1. The logic of that narrative never made sense;
  2. Metadata is essentially information about data;
  3. Anyone else is not a credible source;
  1. Those familiar with the matter regarding obfuscation are using delay tactics;
  2. All of which has a deleterious effect on the purveyors, major-domos, seneschals and requisite reentrants.

Manciple, you are responsible for the preservation of that Star-fish.

A race between elevators

impetus to opportunity

But what of intent?

Surely a Marxist-leaning reader of pamphlets wouldn’t stoke murderous rage towards a born vibrant liberator. It didn’t make sense, it just never made sense.

Propagation of Propaganda

Somehow we fought and moved on. Because there was nothing else to do. Fighting the good fight the elders would say as encouragement, but we found things to be the other way around.

There is no “good fight,” by the way, and at times, the playbook is too on point to disregard as perennial bad luck.

When you no longer wonder why they made a deal with the devil, you’re just not sure, who, when and where? Everyone, all the time, everywhere.

Is everyone evil?

A brand name game

I am like a vintage grape that never was

a loose noose

Easy to shake loose

It’s a game to them. Not a single one of them knows what did or didn’t happen.‬

Central valley


Over hill and dale

I died a little that day


Why was never an option, in terms of logic. Not for us fifteen years later as young Americans when everything was going south, before our very eyes.

A certain retrograde sadness swarms the environs. We were being groomed to accept such discordance on a fast track to total compliance with the norm.

The Swarm

When did we start calling them career criminals?

The vile actions and seared conscience are evidence of a reprobate mind.

Cognitive dissonance in the making. Do as I say, not as I do.

An intriguing case study as you curl up and whimper. Some say goodbye after the first time you don’t try. The more you think independently, the more you’re seen as a liability.

One may wonder that if all this (*gestures to history) was predisposed to happen anyway, whether by sinister hand or a cruel reinforcement of chaos, where no meaning is ascribed to senseless harm and overwhelming joy, alike. Just a void, recitivusm to relativism. There is no absolute truth. Welcome to today.

The Warren Report and documents that still don’t tell the full story.

Do I dare disturb the universe?

Never a good idea to kill your president. That’s bern proven.

Einspruch, a psychiatrist, knew perfectly well the danger of creating false memories.

Surely the powers-that-be who were in power in 1963 had a reason to order the murder and orchestrate the cover-up. The hidden hand had a reason. The way to suppress truth is treason.

The skeptic prodded, a theorist professes, after all he was gonna spill all our secrets.

Like Jimmy H. Tattoo Eddie Harris Rocky Top and the rest.

A circus came to town

It was known at that hour that Oswald, too, had left the scene but no alert for him was issued — Captain Will Fritz and two detectives intended to proceed to Irving personally, in search of Oswald.

Be careful

You still are not free. You should avoid everything that might affect your good name.

The reasons are complex, involving actual coverup activities, an unresponsive media weary of the unresolved questions, and the unwillingness of mainstream historians to come to grips with the reality of crimes and coverups by government and other institutions of American society.

“and other institutions of American society”

Worded that way

To keep you paranoid

Lurks in the desire to destroy

Disinformation nation

your life is a theorem, your experience, the standard deviation of a certain variable in a controlled experiment you cannot perceive.

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