History is a cruel intention

History repeats itself, cruelty with intention is not capable of mercy therefore the only outcome is mutually assured destruction.

"punishment is removal and censure."

The rich got 13 percent but remember that there were not that many to begin with in 2010, fewer than 150 million people or only 2 percent of the global population. So, they got far more than their population share would warrant. And, unfortunately, the poor got the least, just 1 percent of the total spending increment in the world in the last decade was by people who had been extremely poor in 2010.


“Upper-middle-income countries (think China) had 36 percent of the people and 29 percent of consumption; lower-middle-income countries (think India) had 37 percent of the people and 17 percent of the spending; and low-income countries had 11 percent of the people but only 2 percent of global consumption.”

What does this mean?

How did we get here?

opposition to disseminating knowledge

There are two historical and intellectual denotations of Obscurantism: (1) the deliberate restriction of knowledge—opposition to disseminating knowledge;[a] and (2) deliberate obscurity—an abstruse style (as in literature and art) characterized by deliberate vagueness.[4][5][6]


The tactic of keeping people in the dark. Conceal your intentions. Mystery invites intrigue. Keep ’em guessing.


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