Mott the Hopple & the Game of Life 

Billy rapped all night about his suicide 

The television man is crazy 

It’s a real mean team 

We can love 

Heather ponders the difference between it’s a real mean team (comma, implying a breath, a sigh, an admission, a complicit but we can do this incredibly difficult thing called love) and it’s a real mean team we can love, the feeling of shock over loving such horrible people as our grandparents, who would never have had the collective angst to perceive the naked ape in all of us.

Heather waited for Theo, outside at the cafe. 
Boogaloo dudes 

Carry the news 

In 1972, when the electricity went out, you did something else.

There were four tv channels, including PBS,  and the after-school special on ABC belied the latchkey, invisible, GEN-X to come. 

She was finally able to speak

after years of silent acceptance


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