And so it goes

You turn 30

You turn 50

Things change 

More stays the same 

The meaningful life eludes 

but today my heart 

is filled with 


towards those I’ve lost

oh to have another conversation with you now 

and those who have 

shown love towards me

During my somewhat rough experiences that by all demographics make me seem sad sack Sally what more could happen to her just have to let that one go
The Shane the resilience no more

There are moments of clarity and doing what the Dalai Llama says. But I can’t even do yoga that well so even quieting my overly active mind is a discipline I have improved upon since my last birthday. 
And I have conflicted feelings about my birth parents on this day and sadness over the ending in this place I love – but I’ve vowed not to think of those troubles today that is my present to myself celebration to come sad that I have no community of frienss in LA but it’s gorgeous today so I’m blissibg out, focusing on that.



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