…And half-discloses

and yet
surround you
 always does.

don’t look back

As history always does – half-discloses. To reveal the endless stream of half-truths haunting a nation, running in the veins of a family, flowing with the beliefs of the poor and downtrodden who believe what they need to just to get through another day in their war zone state of emergency hellhole environment. Many women, a majority overall, and many children, not given the chances you can’t even take because your country of birth has dispensed with a need for you.

Cue scanner darkly 

Beer top  opens

ECU “America” aka Budweiser beer can with fat white 30 year old fingers around the logo 

Pull back to reveal 

View from space 

The eyes and ears 

Are already here 
Sssh little baby

Don’t you cry 
You’re being 

Watched alright

But nobody 


Until you 

Go ballistic 

Lose your shit

Cry help 

where no one is 


The hellfire


Surely my days 

will be filled 

with mercy 

and goodness 

All the days of my life 

hand grenade flower power





run Lola run 

But for earth, humanity 

Not just red phone booth

Obstacle course 

Through a fraying 


How did we gitt hea? 

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Glad act 


flash dance box 

1977 minus 6

We hit Theolonius on a high, that unravels into backstory that tells more than just a character’s ‘arc,’ a neophyte’s journey through troubling times, trifling sleazy quick change artists —

Have not become a thing of the past as previously reported (because it was believed first) — despite the propaganda once tricky Ricky and loony Lucy were rich from multi cam laugh tracks. 

She was persecuted for being rational by john Wayne, America’s hero, right up yet with Reagan who fucked over regular people who still love him to this day. 

Now , that’s power. 

Bursting in air 

Came through

For the night 

Her hand was 

Still there 


On the edge of insanity there mother 

The brink of disaster accident prone father 

What good did it do after all?

The lies that were told  – no one knows why. Never will. But the damage can not be undone. So you’re stuck in an endless existential loop.
That’s my current feeling – on existential loop. 


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