And in the end, the love you make

is equal to 

your hate


Who knew that would be the slogan for elections to represent the highest office in the world, only because it’s the most diverse population supporting the radical ideology of three branches of government, kept in check by citizens who have the right and the power to decide who governs them (but choose to be stupid about it, generally, and vote with their prejudice, anti-this  / pro-that sentiments), yet we decide instead, as a culture, to let our general stupidity take over.


We have been given the Garden of Eden. We have the most beautiful planet in the universe at our disposal and we trash it. We have the most amazing creation of any imaginable entity – the human spirt. The idea of consciousness is a miracle. Yet we choose to fight.


We CHOOSE to hate and kill and abuse others. We choose to do that. Just like we choose to be charitable and kind.


We also choose to pretend that we are looking out for your best interests when really, we are narcissists who just want to prove that our particular delusions are right, damn the torpedoes.


Well, I am horrified by most of you and your inability to check yourself before you wreck what you leave behind for your children. I was not lucky enough to have kids and I am also adopted so I know no blood lineage and I see all you people with children to protect and think about the future of this planet and frankly I am sickened by most of it.


Read some history. Think about what you are saying. Give someone the change in your pocket. Drop acid and support a bigot. I don’t care what you do, if you have children, think about what you are saying and the bile that you let swirl around because you’re pissed off at Bernie or Hillary or Trump or Cruz. Fuck those guys. For a second. WHAT ARE YOU LEAVING FOR YOUR CHILDREN WITH THE THOUGHTS YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW?








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