Little Big Man


The Revenant
is a throwback to a different era, when studios routinely took gambles on original stories. Today’s movie business is basically fractured into two different kinds of pictures: the under $20 million acclaimed adult drama (such as “Brooklyn,” “Carol,” “Spotlight” and “Room”), a genre that’s quickly shrinking; and blockbuster sequels (only one of the 10 top-grossing films of the year so far, “Inside Out,” is based on a new story). – Variety

Except Little Big Man, Jeremiah Johnson & McCabe & Mrs. Miller did it better…


Jack Crabb: Do you hate them? Do you hate the White man now?

Old Lodge Skins: Do you see this fine thing? Do you admire the humanity of it? Because the human beings, my son, they believe everything is alive. Not only man and animals. But also water, earth, stone. And also the things from them… like that hair. The man from whom this hair came, he’s bald on the other side, because I now own his scalp! That is the way things are. But the white man, they believe EVERYTHING is dead. Stone, earth, animals. And people! Even their own people! If things keep trying to live, white man will rub them out. That is the difference.

Constance Miller: Look, Mr. McCabe, I’m a whore!

 John McCabe: I got poetry in me!

The frontier wit

Paints his shirt red

Jeremiah Johnson: [Jeremiah and Bear Claw hunt elk] Wind’s right, but he’ll just run soon as we step out of these trees.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Trick to it. Walk out on this side of your horse.

Jeremiah Johnson: What if he sees our feet?

Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Elk don’t know how many feet a horse has!



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