1975 Calvary 

The Secret Calvary Ministry on the corner of Polentas and Reginald Streets which ran nowhere, one a cul de sac, the other an off-shoot to the hillside which lead straight to the freeway.

He was due at the Hudson to see Micah perform a revival of Medea, with X type synth new wave sound effect, to further depress the four people in the theater.


He stopped by at Chevas’ on the way, picked up the pills and the grass, which he came for, and a hitchhiker, which he did not. Chevas’ niece, or so she said, and the Salvadorean nodded in agreement which only meant she was more like family than he was, the smooth talker from New York who always wanted leads on which Family would fall first in Alexander’s grand design?

An illustration for his contempt for the poor was his often quoted comment, “Since the Nicaraguan people are no more than oxen, they don’t need schools. What they need is hard work, not education.”[4]


state dinner


  • Pictured: Richard M. Nixon, Anastasio Somoza Debayle, Alexander M. Haig, Jr. Subject: Heads of State – South and Central America.
  • Date 2 June 1971

Chiquita Banana, as they like to say,

well Chiquita Banana is here to stay 


SHE WAS someone’s niece, probably, or had been, and Chevas wasn’t really named Chevas, which was his dealer name, for CHEWY, not the name on his completely legal papers. He had emigrated from El Salvador when his family was annihilated by a rival family who simply wanted their property and had the means one day to seize it. They were seizing the day, in a big way.

The problem with the whole thing is Theo already knew all of this but could never let on because he was the bohemian white don’t say hippie rock journalist who was not the guy following the Hell’s Angels. No, Theo had another inclination entirely and only found his voice in the counterculture catacombs of the political tomes from Berkeley and Yale that only lawyers read and money launderers (disguising excessive money as lesser value to avoid paying tax) utilize.

He wrote the story of greed because it is a never ending tale that encompasses every thing all at once, the good and the bad, in a cyclical dance of want, need and desire.

That is the no-man’s land at the end, or was it the beginning of Route 66, on Santa Monica Boulevard where the riverbed bled dry. The service corp makes concrete, the factory still stands in the middle of Hollywood.

This is where he found himself that crisp white light early afternoon driving west on melrose with Juanita, sweet Juanita, what are you up to?

When Hindenburg first saw a tank he chaffed and made a fuss.

He said to Little Willie “It’s a motor omnibus!”

Then Little Willie saw it and he made a rude remark

Said he, “It’s not a ‘bus at all – it’s Noah inside his Ark!”

There is a slow growing tumor from within the country he is a citizen of.

Everyone feels it. It’s the middle now, no euphoric hope, just sorting the propaganda from the lies.

Get way back, and snap your fingers,

Grab your gal, and don’t you linger

Rise slow, that will show,

The dance called Walkin’ the Dog.


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