Moving Target

theologies aside, dubious sisters passing by, the end is near signs, he thought he should call his mother.

Dubious sisters passing by and the colored girls sing do-do-do-do-do-do-do hey babe take a walk on the wild side 


he was a she

It was Christmas Eve after all and for all her newfound Nellie Bly reporter bluster, she was still just the little lost princess who broke from THE KINGDOM.

The ONE who broke  from the kingdom to run off with the bastard child of a far greater adversary because those were the days when LOVE COULD NOT BE STOPPED.


the runaway motel room

The fate of many gained reprieve for she herself was too kind-hearted.


even when she was

SHE (being Corina of abject American royalty, the fallen intellectual with roots in money)  met the man briefly before he was off into hiding again. She held onto the words he carefully elucidated as he knew her mind was racing only with worry, her heart frantic to solve it all before he would have to leave.


everybody i love u everybody i do

He’d said she was the first person he didn’t have to edit himself with.

Edie dancing in capezios in the factory

Jim Morrison drinking too much at the whiskey

8:41 PM

It didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.

What of him? They’d said, to his delicate looking mother who was the toughest person he knew.


He rolled his eyes.
Sir Thomas Ludwig Moore – there really was an asshole named this – had a daughter who was picking him up at the airport.

  • in London – 3 episodes later details to follow 

He just had to sail to Santa Barbara, where briefly he encountered the top secret tribe on the top of  hill doing magic mushrooms for the first time and owing a story on the communes of California’s coast. His editor said he needed at least 5 to get 3 compelling stories.
Three weeks in: one commune covered.

everything is alive so that I can be alive:without moving I can see it all–


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