song saddled with aforementioned obstacles

is a testament to  talent, chemistry…

The band’s normal piano player bowed out of the session because he didn’t like playing minor chords.

What is a normal piano player? And who “plays” the piano but boycotts minor chords?

SC 2

“managed to lay down tracks”

For three days in December 1969, the Stones stopped into Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama and managed to lay down three songs, one of which was “Wild Horses.” (“Brown Sugar” was one of the other two, so you could say it was a productive stint.) The composition of this plaintive ballad was begun by Keith Richards, whose first child was born in August 1969, causing Keith regret about going out on the road and leaving the boy behind.

News flash: this band has managed to ‘lay down more tracks’ than you’ve written cheesy blog posts for American Songwriter.

Keith Richards “managed to lay down tracks” – yeah, buddy.imagesimages-1images-4


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