Feelin alright 

Not feeling too good myself 

is always such a surprise, a roundabout, reversal apt, to say in vernacular of the times 


The heat is astounding in the desert this time of year. He happens upon a singer from Los Angeles who has peyote and they watch stars into the daybreak. Scurrying later ofttimes to a separate rock-Lou to his secret sorceress’ lair in an old abandoned hippie freak commune 90 miles from Ione and then there’s his sister Lois, boy their parents sure did have a sense of humor: Mitzi Mayhem stage name great dancer great gams fell in love with the bass player traveling with Duke Ellington orchestra how could she resist? So she had Lou and Lois while Steamboat Willie made his way whistlin Dixie while Mitzi turned entrepreneurial to survive – first with St. Stephen (her eldest son, father of Blackfoot tribe, disappeared SE Asia. Sent ghost code to Stephen who was studying to be Franciscan monk on the banks of Galapagos.

He loved visitors and so greeted the hallucinating Murphy trio: Morris, Young and Theo Scrivener, III


I’m doing the best I can somebody somewhere’s slogan 


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