Singing comet 67P/C-G

Little did we know the actions that were taken long before our actual birth would accelerate at a quantum pace until the time we find ourselves in now where classified information on a singing of a comet in space suggests some voice ‘out there’ is trying to communicate or the sound we assume is a voluntary expression of thought or feeling when it could be reverberating centrifugal forces tuning to the chaos of particles that scientists cover in academic papers.

The comet could be telling us to cherish earth right about the time everyone wants to jump ship.

If we could only solve our own problems, maybe we could hear the encrypted thought vibrations of a giant  fast-moving space rock. But our problems – where war and violence everyday seem to one-up the last atrocity. Is this what it is? A slow march through the idiocies and malevolence that the worst in us allows. One created by our own hand, to “destabilize a region” or presumably poach freedom when it’s all a shadow game where we are mostly pawns while masterminds control the money that controls us.

What if none of our interpretations of the whys are even close? Not the theory of everything, the atheist, the nihilist, the fantatic or the priest. What if some comet is going to wipe us out and “the rapture” is our chance to prove the tremendous beauty that it is to be human – sentient beings – who have been given the most wonderful gift in this planet.

If all the consciousness in our final breaths pushes through the evil side of our natures – manifest in our surroundings as well as our souls – to profess the higher purpose of humanity, the precious sanctity of the life we are each given and experience alone – as we are born, so we will die. Surrounded by loved ones we hope but still your passage is singular. The idea of knowing that your life is finite and the urge to explain it (science and poetry) make us unique. The ‘awareness’ of our mortality doesn’t really set in until it hits us physically. Mentally and psychologically we feel invincible, posthumously remarkable from our life’s work and familial legacy.
Yet we must pass the river of cerebrum canals through consciousness debated by doctors as to whether “they” even know you’re there.  That defeating silence I hear can be pretty beautiful if you let it. Collectively we must create the space for light to exist with so much darkness in the world today.


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