They are sitting in a car

front seat: Where else?

POV Los Angeles from Griffith Park, 1976

Heather: Nevermind the thing I said.

Theo: About the two of us?

She takes a long drag of the Pall Mall she grabbed from her father’s workshop.

She didn’t need to answer. He already knew. 

Like they always did. They finished each other’s thoughts but never minded. It only served to advance them in their unflappable quest to conquer life first before anyone else beat them they were a team since the first time he picked up her lost sentiments. He knew she’d die in his arms if he let her.
She’d professed a certain independence. When all she really wanted was an ally. To get her through the world. He knew she was the sensitive kind. He knew never to play with her mind. He didn’t even want to. He wanted to make her feel safe, but knew there was no way to.
She inhaled Pall Mall. Exhaled a teardrop. She knew exactly what he was thinking. She knew there was no way to spot it. No way to stop it. The world is mean. She sniffed the fomenting nasal support for they eye’s dominance in the area of sadness, and snorted out a joke, their oldest joke, he chortled, it was still funny, it was always funny.


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