RE-INVENTION OF something that hasn’t been invented

I suppose if you are looking for some sort of explanation it would be that I have several stories here that have been unfolding since I decided to remake Godard’s “Vie Sa Vie” about 19 years ago, I still am working on it. In the meantime, I have learned to direct 8 cameras, 16 edit bays and get shows on the air, create successful series and quickly assess, as an editor friend said, the story of anything, anyone, anywhere.

And with that, I am always looking for work, which is kind of like being a prostitute without a pimp. So that is where this stands. This has now become more of the script notes for the series I am working on that was always in my mind the creative follow-up to Mad Men, written by me, with Matthew Weiner and the Creator of Deadwood involved.

Instead I am living in my friend’s garage prepping games for sponsors and sweating as I sort through the wreckage of my mind, the scattered tossing of the days into boxes on papers, the pay-day loans all clipped neatly, things my parents never would have understood by my generation, wedged between the last ones to squeeze through (the ones older  than us, yes, that has yet to be explored, he’s the star of my Game of Thrones set in Los Angeles circa 1973 with Keith Richards involved since Mick Jagger and Scorsese are doing that other one — I have been writing things here because I seem to come up with ideas quite often that are so part of the collective consciousness that they happen so I am just putting it out there now, not mailing in any congruous storyline to the copywriter bureaucrats. Not yet. I still have to figure out the characters, and I want to finish my $ 300 writing workshop. That is after this next pitch with for the game show geocache that has been haunting me, I just realized, for at least a year. Hence, the quest for a silver stream mini size and disappear into the woods somewhere and how much can I live on and write and I don’t care anymore more I want to live in the woods of santa cruz except where are the fires? They are frighteningly armageddon like here in the land of promise, plenty and angels, angels, angels.

My bio is above, if you want send love.


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