Bob Dylan’s Letter To Jerry Garcia

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24386467-24386471-slargeWe linked this article the other day, but didn’t mention this artifact. We found this letter that Dylan wrote to Jerry Garcia very interesting. It’s valued at $45,000 at auction. More info:

Dylan was looking for guest artists for a Jimmie Rodgers tribute alum when he dashed off a note to his longtime friend Jerry Garcia. Dylan asked if Garcia would do some yodeling on the album. “You don’t have to yodel, but if you want to yodel, that’s OK too…anyway, if it’s not too much to ask, think about a Jimmie song…whatever you decide is ok with me.” Garcia reportedly read the letter backstage at a Dead show before giving it to a tech. With a weakened voice and ill health, Garcia did a session for the tribute album. Two weeks later he died. “Given its connection to Jerry’s last recording session i would say it’s a very…

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