Shuffling With Zombies

Walking Dead
The governor

The slave chains

It’s quite the show

Prelude would have been first zombie movies and Forman Corman of course grill included

I want to work backwards to today

NIGHT LIVING DEAD metaphor the height of the haight

Rivers of Grue

Shuffling With Zombies


Suggested Audio Candy:

John HarrisonDay of the Dead


What is a zombie? Is it little more than a plain-clothes mummy or is it, in fact, a vampire with advanced dementia? Actually it is neither and, instead, it represents one of horror cinema’s most enduring monsters. George A Romero is often credited as the magician who gave us our first screen zombie with Night of the Living Dead but the first recorded screen deadhead actually dates back to Victor Halperin’s 1932 film White Zombie starring none other than Bela Lugosi. Despite having a significant part to play in modern day entertainment zombies were largely shunned, possibly due to the fact that they didn’t originate from established literary heritage like Frankenstein, Dracula or The Wolf Man. Our festering friends just couldn’t catch a break and were viewed as distractions rather than a real threat. It didn’t help that…

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