Idiots Rule



The argument below is simply stupid. As is the fact that I lost three brilliant paragraphs of analysis – and I haven’t even smoked weed. So there you go.


Potheads, Please Stop Promoting Pot

A silly, misinformed article by someone who probably has a guilty pleasure he thinks is better. Research and data are changing. “Pot heads” are not Spicoli or Brad Pitt in “True Romance.” Oh and the Federal Government has been cultivating for years.


Yes, kids of a certain age should not smoke it as it effects learning during those years. But by all means, please ignore teenage use of (but not limited to): meth, OxyContin, and the most dangerous of all: tobacco, alcohol & GHB/Special K/Molly morphing highs they can do, undetected while you sniff around for the scent of “reefer.”


And the craziest part: a) Hemp was grown by our founding fathers yet we banished it for years because people like the dude who wrote this and his presumably pot head illuminat leadership thought it could be invested for a high (like petrol or glue, I guess, in the minutia of their minds. Only recently did old men Kentucky farmers lobby to grow hemp (strong cordage and line) to replace loss revenue from 100% tobacco fields (when Americans got pissed at Philip Morris); b) marajuana is still classified by our numbnut DEA nazis as a schedule 1 drug, worse than crack and heroin. Um, yeah. Here’s your daughter smoking weed v here’s your daughter strung out on dope.


dope will always be heroin

Even if it’s coopted to mean something amazingly cool (which opiate addiction is not), but every dealer calls their shit dope, tweakers and crackhoes alike. The price of heroin is the one drug that has remained relatively stable from the 70s to now: $ 7 to $10 a bag, but you better get $ 20 if you got it. Never can you get away with $ 7-10 on anything else but a pack of cigs, a pre-roll or a smallish bottle of Jack.

So pot heads (which I haven’t heard any stoner say for years) are not running things so they can be Cheech and Chong to your Stacy Keech (remember what happened to him: uppers, downers, all-arounders).

Any hypocrite tends to be the worst abuser of some secret tragedy (the stuff of “48 Hours”), especially those making idiotic statements based on the redneck court of public opinion: if those damn hippie liberals like it, it’s bad. Cannabis calms people down, certain strains yield focus, others reduce pain and alleviate undue suffering from life-threatening illnesses.


“POT heads,” as one so aptly puts it which only reveals a stunted development stage by the user of out-dated nomenclature are not supporting legalization to hang out in this 70s show basement. Actually, many are successful, brilliant, creative and motivated, using a plant medicinally which has replaced the “Up in Smoke” stereotype sold by Hollywood, who was blazing on Columbian cocaine at the time, so make mary Jane the decoy. Schedule 1 is a travesty. Just wait and see what could be done to positively transform our society (putting money into education as Colorado citizens want to do, or perhaps help pay for our half-assed attempt at universal health care or maybe tell China and Saudi Arabia to stuff it and buy back our landscape and make use of able Americans wondering what the fuck history has in store for the working class). Yes, a drug that causes less incidents than your average DUI/pill party, could truly help our country financially.


So we can keep making the best weapons in the world and maybe something else that would benefit our kids’ kids.

This kind of thinking is why we’ll collapse, go the way of Roman Empire, drowning by clinging to a life boat that was never gonna save you anyway.



Is this progress? Why is that a dirty word? Is it a more rational movement towards how we relate to the world around us, so rainforests we love to obliterate may be examined for value beyond cheap beef (Brazil) but potentially the hidden treasure of a cure for cancer. We just don’t know. Being a “pot head” makes you slow down (unless you’re the paranoid kind) so you appreciate what we are given each day. It’s a plant. People generally don’t kill on it or for it.

Name one other mind-altering substance (prescribed, copped on the street or stocked up on Leaving Las Vegas style coz legal drugs are a great way to kill someone and fuck up your life.





Potheads, Please Stop Promoting Pot.




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