Playlist: Waters of March

“If you hear a bossa nova song…”


Next up in my exploration of the Best Playlist Ever is Waters of March from Nicole Henry:

The rhythm you hear is called Bossa Nova (literally, “New Trend,” which is kind of funny since the last time it was a new trend was around 1950). As a rule, if you hear a Bossa Nova song, it was written by Antônio Carlos Jobim. Seriously. Every Bossa Nova you’ve ever heard was written by him: Desifinado, Wave, Dindi, The Girl from Ipanema (you would recognize all those songs, even if you don’t know them by their titles). And even though this song doesn’t sound old, it too was written by Jobim way back in 1972.

Part of the reason it doesn’t sound old is because it is being sung by a hot young jazz diva. That’s an example of the anachronism of the playlist: old songs performed in new ways by young artists…

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