Angels and Vultures

Angels and Demons


You mostly know me as a writer, musician, poet, rapscallion or scoundrel, but in real life, I’m a corporate executive. I work for a small company that I founded with a couple other guys back in 1996. My job is Alpha Geek. I control the technology platform on which our business is built. Over the years, I’ve learned first-hand how small companies get funding, and I’ve noticed that when I explain a lot of this stuff to people, they are surprised. So I thought it might be interesting to lay it all out.

Starting a technology business is tricky. You need to develop things to sell, but until you’ve developed them, you don’t have any money coming in to pay salaries and rent and the minutiae that comes with creating a business. You need some seed money to get going. Sometimes people use their savings or a second mortgage on their…

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