76-90: Alliances shifted, unpredictably

The Lebanese Civil War (Arabic: الحرب الأهلية اللبنانية‎ Al-Ḥarb al-Ahliyyah al-Libnāniyyah) was a multifaceted civil war in Lebanon, lasting from 1975 to 1990 and resulting in an estimated 120,000[2][3] fatalities. Today approximately 76,000 people remain displaced within Lebanon.[4] There was also a mass exodus of almost one million people from Lebanon as a result of the war.[5]

The Cold War had a powerful disintegrative effect on Lebanon, which was closely linked to the polarization that preceded the 1958 political crisis, since Maronites sided with the West while Left Wing and pan-Arab groups sided with Soviet aligned Arab countries.[8]

During the course of the fighting, alliances shifted rapidly and unpredictably: by the end of the war, nearly every party had allied with and subsequently betrayed every other party at least once.[citation needed] Furthermore, foreign powers, such as Israel and Syria, meddled in the war and fought alongside different factions. Peace keeping forces, such as the Multinational Force in Lebanon and UNIFIL, were also stationed in Lebanon.


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  1. i know i never ask anyone if they are serious anymore, because of the news, and me asking “Are you Serious?” sounds like cold war intrigue, but it was that way when I was training for a marathon and ended up realizing all the different reasons for my doing it, whether they were reasons to run towards or away, both were valid

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