6 years later…

6 years later…

Lebanese Civil War

UNRWA is forced to leave its headquarters in Beirut, moving first to Amman and then to Vienna, due to growing instability from the Lebanese Civil War, which begins in 1975 and lasts until 1990.

And so it goes, the story will be the UNRWA girl who he knew in formative years, who is now that Forest Gump-Marcia Brady femme fatale-heroine du jour who turns out more Gloria Steinem, Patti Smith and X-lead than his other influence-wielding revolving door emotional harem (unlike Draper’s brothel-upbringing-bred pity-womanizing-scarlet letter agonizing, this will be the free love mess of intellectualized fed up Tune Out, go to Mexico listen to the Doors and surf, then next thing you know, it’s that midnight express story and the stupid collision of spoiled americans and the rest of the world at the time–the song remains the same precursor, the transitions are always rough, never clean, take over a year but not quite two to smooth over, swallow the mouse in the snake’s gulllet).


Questions remain: How did this build to the crisis point?

How to portray: Need matrix for the places in the world as they shift+the drugs, LSD, etc.+the cultural collision of politics and what was it exactly coming out of the 60s? the hand-off?

The woman who escapes Lebanon has some tie there–her father perhaps? Maybe her mother was an Iranian (or earlier chaos) intellectual who fled, they met in NYC at some international relations program, but he rejoined the cause, had to, mother was not interested in returning to a place she thought would bring death to all she loved. Not again.


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