1971-things fall apart

January 2 – 
A ban on radio and television cigarette advertisements goes into effect in the United States.[2]
January 12 – The landmark television sitcom All In The Family, starring Carroll O’Connoras Archie Bunker, debuts on CBS.

January 15 – The Aswan High Dam officially opens in Egypt.

January 19 – Representatives of 23 western oil companies begin negotiations with OPEC inTehran to stabilize oil prices; February 14 they sign a treaty with 6 Khalij el-Arab countries.

January 24 – The Guinean government sentences to death 92 Guineans who helped Portuguese troops in the failed landing attempts in November 1970; 72 are sentenced to hard labor for life; 58 of the sentenced are hanged the next day.


December 18

  • The U.S. dollar is devalued for the second time in history.

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