Eyes on the Prize

I just know how hard this is going to be and the fact is it’s going to be harder than that, so I don’t even tell myself it’s going to be hard–I just assume that this assignment requires absolute diligence on the directing part if we are to have any hope of 8 episodes.

It’s tight.  7 weeks for 8 episodes (after I believe it was 8 weeks, 6 episodes) is the one thing I am nervous about (other than the obvious getting ass kicked by Greenland) because it’s hard to say on this show since it’s continual shooting and I’d like cliffhangers to still feel like they did last year—incidental. Shit that happened that was compelling enough to cut out of (and return to a week later!) –each episode is the miners’ goals for those 3-4 DAYS and figure out an alternative “not resolved” moment at the end of that time so we have an inherent oh-shit at the end. I know they feel right for this show but I also know you can’t count on a rock avalanche from a safe distance to end every episode. The crew needs more of a sense of urgency than anyone and hopefully that energy will be infectious and the miners will feel the intensity and SHOW IT, instead of one or two guys in INTV mentioning it. 


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