The Power of Dialogue

–But everything you told us is lies…

–That’s because you couldn’t stand the truth.

(BAD grammar and incorrect case, intentional.)

Why would you give away the ending except to just mess with someone, intentionally? I don’t like that, I don’t like that all.

The flu shot controversy scares me for other reasons. I don’t really think anyone like the CCD, FDA or CIA cares about our health, so that whole effort could just be a secret tactic to poison us over time or at least, create a reliance on vaccine, disseminating a mass opiate salve to any thoughts of uprising.

Dialogue as revenge or purging makes me thing that I don’t want to spend any last days on this planet being sick. Hence, the flu shot controversy. An unknown serum with lack of background backup information pods, easily accessible and user-friendly. My problem with the President: seems to ignore the obvious. (that statement stands the test of time and applies to presidents before I was born, as well, so cannot be taken personally, ahem).

This piece reflects a riff of mine off some show I was watching that pissed me off and so this 2-line exchange popped up in my head as I walked out some door into another space that lead to another door.


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