this house has stories

What does it really mean? Where you grew up , your parents passed on,

you were too afraid to leave and now run some kind of historial foundation, kept the house, keep very well-connected lovers and a token immigrant betrothed who makes trips to Russia a lot easier, plus he’s a world-renowned just short of genius so can actually adapt to social situations — pianist, accompanist and now sessionist on Treme while she tries to write the book. The contagion of the Millmont genetic disease–half curse, have over-arching, therefore the fall, inevitable or option 3 is the safe route, the 7 anchor cousins throughout the south mostly except the 2 that are far away but will pay for all great-grand-pas and ma-ma na-na’s funerals. She wants to go first, has the date planned. He wants to do a few things she wouldn’t approve of before joining her, pretty soon to her passing, in the
He wants to, no doubt, do a few things she’d never approve on and then join her in the




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