Start me up



1. Do your research and create a plan? How have you tested your prospective business model? How do you know that you have a viable product or service? Do some market research. Research your competitors; how long have they been around? What makes them successful? What will you do differently and better? What makes your business special? I know that YOU make it special, but not everyone knows you. How will you stand apart from the rest? Test your model with a panel of friends, peers, and total strangers. It’s best to ask a third party to be responsible for this focus group testing so that people will provide honest feedback; your friends will most likely tell you what you want to hear. Research the cost and effectiveness of marketing and advertising venues as well. How will you market and grow your business? The “Build it and They Shall Come” belief-system is great if you’re a true believer in Law of Attraction, but I like to say that the Law of Attraction is nothing without action. What is the big picture action plan?


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